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    A Dog Collar With a Real Time Keeping Watch.

   You don't have to imagine it...see for yourself while your here. Sit back and let yourself go on a LolaPalooza journey through Clazi's World, revealing a shockingly unique new twist on dog collars. A Watch ... Dog Collar. Yes, you heard it right...a dog collar with a watch. 

WATCHDOG COLLAR™ Instant WatchDog. Just Add 1 Heaping Dog and Stir! 

   Watch these fascinating music videos, showcasing Clazi's designer bling dog collars and unusual grass dog mats carved into the shape of dogs and things dogs love. ALL handmade right here in the USA by Clazi.   

  And thats only the half of it... Listening to ORIGINAL JEFF CHAZ BLUES MUSIC will be an unexpected thrill.....while fascinating dog collar pictures flash before your eyes in a NEW never seen before fashion. 

Many of the dog collar site links below have music videos that auto play on opening... so STOP any running video by clicking any part of it before clicking on another link or youtube video.

Clazi's dog collar world of flashy color and fresh music goes for miles and miles along cy-digital freeways, highways and byways, so If you get swept away on your journey and get lost, just remember... Like...He's a dogs dog, not a mans man...but a dogs dog. Got it? DogsDogCollar at the com of course.  eCOMMERCE STORE        

IS THEE only place to buy WatchDog Collars by Clazi. See dog collars with watches bizarrely displayed along with other dog products clazi makes as gifts, for rich dogs that are rich in pocketbook and/or in heart.  ALL dog gifts here are handmade in the U.S.A. for the rich rich and wanna be WatchDOGS of the World. How about a 7 ft. long Hot Digity Dog grassy poolside mat with a divers watch for an eyeball? an Eye Eye Matey...aye?

CIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIOIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIII>>         $15,000.00 'Cape Fear' Dog Collar... comes complete with the 1962 'Cape Fear' Movie Houseboat. See both, 'Cape Fear' Collar video and the 'Cape Fear Houseboat that comes with the dog collar. Rich Dogs pack in at this site to see what new gift they can find for their hard to buy for dog pal...that already has everything they ever wanted. Videos with original blues music performed by Jeff Chaz. Full size videos of unique, one-of-a-kind dog collars for the rich dog.       Beautiful layout of WatchDog Collar™  dog collar images and videos. Instant WatchDogs created with Clazi's custom made designer dog collars with watches. Just add 1 heaping dog and stir!       Rich Dog Collars at 7 O'Clock P.M. Dog Wear for Rich Dogs. Custom made, designer dog collars for rich dogs that have nothing to wear out in the evening. It's about time for dogs to shine!        5K9 -  See if your city has a 5k9 run coming up soon, so you and your dog can join in on the 5 mile run. Cities all over the U.S are participating in the 5k9 run that is an annual 5 mile run for dogs and their masters. Also check with Petco, as Petco is involved in the race with passion.       Cartier watch on your dogs collar anyone? Diamond Tuxedo WatchDog Collars With authentic diamonds, in unique custom designed dog collar watches for Beverly Hills pups.       He's a real dogs dog, my Dread Bizorr, the limousine chauffeur is a DOG...A Cane Corso Italian Mastiff DOG. See his true limo story. Read Chickey-Monkey's MIRACLE story that ends with joyful tears and undying gratitude.       Cane Corso WatchDog Collar™ was inspired by my Cane Corso Italian Mastiffs, Dread Bizorr the limo chauffeur, Chickey-Monkey his mail order bride from New York, and their darling pups... Delorean, Chevelle, Belair, Nomad, Corvette Hemi, Himi, Et and T-Bird. See them here in sweet video of Cane Corso pups and dogs in Costa Rica. Jeff Chaz sings and plays guitar to his original, 'Instrument of pleasure.       Cane Corso WatchDog Collar™ dog gifts and other dog products for Cane Corso dogs. Dreads Head is the LOGO for WatchDog Collar. You can get the Cane Corso logo in the form of a green turf dog mat with luxuriously thick artificial grass. He's called 'Bed Head Dog' see turf store tab on page menu when you arrive at Cane Corso Collar Site.       I will repost your Cane Corso Rescue attempts and stories of dog rescue success by request, at Cane Corso Rescue Info.       Jack the Jack Russell Terrier models the River Regatta Collection of designer WatchDog Collars that are all  dog collars handmade in the U.S. Collar for dog on the net.       Awesome color combinations and  current 2013 Images and videos of WatchDog Collar™ dog collars and dog related pet products.       Collars for dogs, like the Cape Fear WatchDog Collar, create instant watchdogs.       Google RSS feed for Watchdog Collar™ videos.       Dogs dog collar videos. Dog collars made in the U.S. by Clazi, are all handcrafted one at a time, with special attention to unique, one-of -a-kind designs.       A lot of Jack the Jack Russell Terrier modeling on the river. See Video of each particular custom WatchDog Collar design. Dogs dog collar watches for the DOG'S DOG.       Watch movies with only dog actors. FASCINATING MOVIES of UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED DOGS ACTING. There are no human actors in these clips, JUST darling dogs in full skits.       K9  dog NEWS Feeds. K9 police dog reports and information articles about Canines.       Cane Corso Italian Mastiff dog collars handmade with watches added to the design.       Watch for DOG milking goat movie, and see more of Clazi's custom made designer dog collars in pictures and videos.       6 Hound – 6 Hound Dog Rescues to contact direct. Hound dogs look fabulous in one-of-a-kind dog collars for the time discriminating Hound Dog.       Clazi is just me...CLAZI...the creator of THEE original WatchDog Collar™ who happens to be an obsessive out of control blogger...also a photographer and video producer at heart, who loves animals ferociously. All these loves have brought WatchDog Collar™ to the World of crazed dog lovers in a fashion never seen before.       True Cane Corso Mastiff stories, of two famed pure Italian blooded Cane Corso Dogs and their puppies, Dread Bizorr and Chickey-Monkey whom I loved in Costa Rica.       K9nd stands for... Be Kind to Your K9. Top 10 Comfort Pet List. 10 ways Pets comfort humans. Do you comfort Pets? And I don't mean just your own pets. Always be kind to your k9, especially while training your Canine.       Supplies for Pets - Dog collars, dog bed mats and dog training equipment that every dog owner needs to supply their pet with.       Picterest is a Picturesque Picture Pictorial of handcrafted dog collars. Also, pictures and videos of Cane Corso Mastiff Dogs.       Morphology of the common dog collar into 2013 designer dog collar designs by Clazi at WatchDog Collar AZ. U.S.       Loved Dog Breeds all need a designer dog collar lovingly handmade.       Dog collars for K9 dogs and masters that are on a training time schedule.


NEWEST WATCHDOG COLLAR WEBSITES 2013       'MyTurf Dog's dog mats in shapes of dogs. Hot Digity Dog 7 ft. poolside Dachshund dog mat has a watch as his eyeball. Clazi's newest line of handmade dog products in dog mats of 2 inch long, lush quality faux grass.       Green Grass home on green dog mats shaped like dogs, hearts and such lovable things for your dog to make his turf... his home on the green.       Artificial 2″ long green grass dog mats. 'Big Hearted Dog', 'Bed Head Dog', 'Hot Digity Dog', 'Rec Room Dog' and 'Oval-time Dog' Mats are displayed at Greenites dog mat site. Watch a cool river video of custom shaped green dog mats that features Jeff Chaz, the Nola blues artist. A Refreshing and unique green site in more ways than one.       Artificial Arts in Artistic Artifacts of Dog Mats. Shapes of Cane Corso dog head, a full body 7 ft. Dachshund grass mat for the poolside and more dog love. All Hand carved with Big Hearted Dog LOVE in the U.S.A. by Clazi.       Dogs dog collar presents Clazi's videos of fancy designer dog collars with watches for dog glamour and fun. On the serious side, Dogs Dog Collar provides a full page of dog training resource links offering top quality dog training equipment designed and engineered for professional and personal dog training.       Puppy dogs dog collars with watches for puppies and adult yuppie puppie dogs.       High society Socie Dogs love WatchDog Collars made by Clazi in the U.S.       Tame your pet dog or your wild animals. You'll find some crazy wild animal videos to view.

Dog Collars at WatchDog Collar™ Links 2013

           WATCH DOG COLLAr $15,000

"Bee's Knees" Chihuahua Dog Collar - Watch Dog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Bee's Knees Chihuahua Dog Collar-SOLD! Bee's Knees is Another Fuzzy Cozy LollaPalouza ...

'Kimono Dog' WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
'Kimono Dog' WatchDog Collar-Contact Clazi to Order Your Dog A Designer Dog Collar ...

T-SHIRTS - WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Instant WatchDog! Just Add 1 Heaping Dog and Stir! WatchDog Collar - HANDMADE Designer Dog Collars With Watches For Dogs, by Clazi.

"Spiked Mickey" Watch Dog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Spiked Mickey Watch Dog Collar-HD Leather and Spiked WatchDog Collar™ with quality real time keeping Mickey Mouse watch for Dog on collar.

'Ikes Spikes' WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
'Ikes Spikes' WatchDog Collar-This Spiked Handcrafted Heavy Leather Dog Collar is Not ...

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