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    A Dog Collar With a Real Time Keeping Watch.

   You don't have to imagine it...see for yourself while your here. Sit back and let yourself go on a LolaPalooza journey through Clazi's World, revealing a shockingly unique new twist on dog collars. A Watch ... Dog Collar. Yes, you heard it right...a dog collar with a watch. 

WATCHDOG COLLAR™ Instant WatchDog. Just Add 1 Heaping Dog and Stir! 

   Watch these fascinating music videos, showcasing Clazi's designer bling dog collars and unusual grass dog mats carved into the shape of dogs and things dogs love. ALL handmade right here in the USA by Clazi.   

  And thats only the half of it... Listening to ORIGINAL JEFF CHAZ BLUES MUSIC will be an unexpected thrill.....while fascinating dog collar pictures flash before your eyes in a NEW never seen before fashion. 

Many of the dog collar site links below have music videos that auto play on opening... so STOP any running video by clicking any part of it before clicking on another link or youtube video.

Clazi's dog collar world of flashy color and fresh music goes for miles and miles along cy-digital freeways, highways and byways, so If you get swept away on your journey and get lost, just remember... Like...He's a dogs dog, not a mans man...but a dogs dog.

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"Bee's Knees" Chihuahua Dog Collar - Watch Dog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Bee's Knees Chihuahua Dog Collar-SOLD! Bee's Knees is Another Fuzzy Cozy LollaPalouza ...

'Kimono Dog' WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
'Kimono Dog' WatchDog Collar-Contact Clazi to Order Your Dog A Designer Dog Collar ...

T-SHIRTS - WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Instant WatchDog! Just Add 1 Heaping Dog and Stir! WatchDog Collar - HANDMADE Designer Dog Collars With Watches For Dogs, by Clazi.

"Spiked Mickey" Watch Dog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
Spiked Mickey Watch Dog Collar-HD Leather and Spiked WatchDog Collar™ with quality real time keeping Mickey Mouse watch for Dog on collar.

'Ikes Spikes' WatchDog Collar

April 05,2013 07:28 PM
'Ikes Spikes' WatchDog Collar-This Spiked Handcrafted Heavy Leather Dog Collar.